10 Creative Blog Ideas for Writers

With the advent in the field of information technology, blog posts seem to be quite common these days. Every now and then, writers would look for innovative ideas, which can make their blogs unique. Given below are 10 creative blog ideas for writers:


Discussion on Favorite Books

It would be interesting to discuss different books, which are life-changing and can be a valuable source for the reader. A book can actually change the life of a person so creating a blog, which revolves around great books, can be quite interesting.


Create a Blog on Motivational Quotes


There are quotes and sayings from famous people and it would be wise for creating a blog, which includes the most motivational posts. Everyone needs a certain motivation in their life, which can help them keep moving forward.


Different Places You have Visited


It would be interesting to write about the different places along with the beautiful photographs. The most important aspect of this blog would be what you have learned from that place.


Discussing Childhood


It would be interesting to create a blog where everyone would discuss his or her childhood. What inspires them to become what they are today and how life as an adult or grown up is different from when they were young? You can talk about home remedies for severe cough for kids and so much more!


What makes you unique


It would be interesting to create a blog, which can highlight the uniqueness of people. There is something, which makes a person stand out in the crowd and make him or her different from the competitors out there.


Life as Writer or any other Profession


It would be interesting to create a blog around the life as a writer or any other profession an individual is following. As they say, birds of feather flock together. It would be nice having similar people around and discussing the very same idea.


Creating a blog on Best Advice


Someone can change the perspective of a person by giving them the best advice. It would be interesting to know what is the best advice a person has got in their life, which had been life-changing.


Seeing Oneself in Next 5 years


It would be interesting to have a blog where everyone can participate and discuss where they would see their self in the next 5 years. There can be regular posts on how to evaluate every goal while working and how to keep going.


Blog on Tips and Tricks


It would be interesting to discuss the different tips and tricks, tools, ideas, research methods, which a person generally use in their everyday life.


Lesson Learned in Life


There can be a discussion about the important lessons learned in life and what should be avoided when someone faces a very similar situation. It would be wise having all the vital information in one place in order to get the most out if. Life is full of unexpected outcomes and if there is someone to guide and mentor, it would be a great opportunity for the readers to learn from the experience of other people.


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